About our website

The website is updated regularly to reflect current activities of the Federation including:

  • Member Societies: details of the national societies with list of representatives and links where available (link)
  • Council Members: list of current members of the Executive and Administrative Councils with e-mail links (link)
  • Congress Programmes: with links for registration and abstract submission (link)
  • Educational Activities: past and current programmes; with links to interactive educational sites planned (link)
  • Statutes of the Federation as registered under Belgian Law (link)
  • Bye-Laws for operation of the Federation approved by the Administrative Council (link)
  • Foundation for the Development of Internal Medicine in Europe (link)
  • Links to other organisations related to internal medicine (link)
  • Dedicated Young Internists section (link)

EFIM Website Management:

Aneta Trajkovska/ E-mail: info@efim.org EFIM Website Management
Ieva Ruza / YI Website Management
Alberto Marra / YI Website Management