EFIM Sub Committees

EFIM is proud to announce the following subcommittees:

Guidelines for EFIM subcommittee can be downloaded here:

1° European Congress of Internal Medicine (ECIM) Subcommittee

Subcommittee Chair – Dr. Pedro Conthe – EFIM Secretary General

Members of the ECIM Subcommittee are:

  • Daniel Sereni - France
  • Serhat Unal – Turkey
  • Dror Dicker – Israel
  • Paolo Pauletto - Italy
  • Javier Garcia Alegria – Spain
  • Eugeniusz Kucharz - Poland

Subcommittee for the study and improvement of EFIM future Congresses objectives:

- Get the maximum impact and recognition of future Congresses EFIM, through all possible channels of communication

 - Look for maximum active participation of the Europeans and Non Europeans attendees.

- Update the appropriate and more attractive format looking for maximum power of call for European internists

- Explore the best funding formulas for maintaining scientific quality and allowing maximum economic cooperation of the
pharmaceutical industry and other associations, foundations and institutions of European scope.
Report of the ECIM Subcommittee activities can be downloaded here.

2° EFIM  Subcommittee on EU Affairs

Subcommittee Chair – Prof. Maria Domenica Cappellini – EFIM President Members of the EU Affairs subcommittee are:

  • Carla Araujo - Portugal
  • Monique Slee – Valentijn - Netherlands
  • Lubos Kotik – Czech Republic
  • Rijk Gans - Netherlands
  • Bartolomej Guzik – Poland
  • Piero Portincasa - Italy

The aim of EU Affairs subcommittee are:

- to identify strategies to represent  national societies  at EU level 
- to inform national societies about EU decisions that could affect their members, and becoming a trusted source of information
on EU matters
- to become the voice of Internal Medicine in Europe by promoting Internal Medicine at EU level
- to Improve the financial situation of the organisation by getting access the EU funds to finance some of EFIM’s projects.
- The subcommittee will work on finding the proper strategies

3° EFIM Communication Subcommittee

Subcommittee Chair – Dr. Frank Bosch – EFIM President Elect Members of the Communication subcommittee are:

  • Roger Duckitt - UK
  • Frauke Weidanz - UK
  • Nuno Viera – Portugal
  • Lorenzo Falsetti – Italy
  • Dario Manfellotto - Italy

The aims of the subcommittee are: 
- Ensure that every internist in Europe gets information about EFIM
- Make sure that every member country has a professional in their office who knows all details about EFIM
- Database of office professionals of member countries
- Database of board members of member countries

EFIM website
EFIM newsletter
Educational meeting between office professionals
European Journal of Internal Medicine
European Congress of Internal Medicine

4° European school of internal medicine (ESIM)subcommittee)

Subcommittee Chair - Dr. Shirley Rigby ESIM Co - Director Members of ESIM subcomittee are:

  • Erdal Akalin - Turkey
  • Nicola Montano  - Italy
  • Antonio Baptista – Portugal
  • Ieva Ruza – Latvia
  • Giagkos Lavranos – Cyprus

The European School of Internal Medicine (ESIM) is one of the most important flagships of EFIM. 
Promoting Internal Medicine and enthusing the next generation of internists is essential. 
Having taught at the School for the past 6 years and having co-directed the school for 3 years (2009-11), 
I have experience and knowledge that will be invaluable in guiding further development of the School.

The aims of ESIM Subcommittee will be :

1) To continue to promote the School
2) Develop the program/content delivered at the School
3) Support School directors/hosts
4) Work closely with Young Internists to guide the program
5) Aim to expand the availability of the school's ethos to a wider audience, eg national versions of ESIM
6) Deliver high quality and up to date education at an effective cost

5° EFIM Research subcommittee

Subcommittee Chair - Prof. Ramon Pujol - EFIM Past President Members of EFIM Research Subcommittee are:

  • Lenka Bosanska – Germany
  • Armando Carvalho – Portugal
  • Lorenzo Dagna – Italy
  • Giancarlo Agnelli – Italy
  • Mark Kramer – The Netherlands
  • Monica Bivol – Norway
  • Maria Victoria Egurbide – SpainThe objectives of the Research subcommitee are:

- To increase the visibility of research done by internists at European level
- To promote collaborative projects among European countries
- To obtain funds for those projects
- To offer scientific Methodology to young internists (including research courses)
- To foster exchange research programmes for internists
- To collaborate with European research Agencies