Published: 5 April 2017
Author(s): Giuseppe Romano, Giuseppe Vitale, Diego Bellavia, Valentina Agnese, Francesco Clemenza
Issue: April 2017
Section: Letter to the Editor

Although diuretics are essential to optimize volume status in patients with heart failure with reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF) [1], safety and benefits of prolonged diuretic treatment are uncertain, in particular on patients with chronic and compensated HFrEF. In facts, diuretics can increase the neuro-humoral activation in HFrEF [2], determine electrolyte disturbances [3] and acute renal insufficiency [4]. On the contrary, Hopper et al. identified seven studies of diuretic withdrawal (DW) in stable chronic HF, in which clinical decompensation was more frequent in the DW group [5].


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