Published: 26 August 2016
Author(s): Sara Patuzzo, Rosagemma Ciliberti
Issue: August 2016
Section: Letter to the Editor

In the past, the so-called “non-conventional treatments” were relegated to “medical charlatans”, regarded as nothing more than magicians and sorcerers, and looked down on arrogantly by the medical class. Today in Italy, as also in other countries [1], they appear as a real (sometimes silent) part of the healthcare system. In fact, they enjoy their own space within one regional healthcare system and recognition by the representative association of the medical profession. In fact, the Italian Region of Tuscany has included non-conventional treatment and later the so-called “health and bio-natural practices” in its list of healthcare services [2], and the Italian Federation of Medical Associations (FNOMCeO) has recognised non-conventional treatments as medical acts [3].


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