Published: 8 December 2017
Author(s): F. Darstein, M. Hoppe-Lotichius, J. Vollmar, V. Weyer-Elberich, A. Zimmermann, J. Mittler, G. Otto, H. Lang, P.R. Galle, T. Zimmermann
Section: Original Article

Cardiovascular disease is a serious problem of liver transplant (LT) recipients because of increased cardiovascular risk due to immunosuppressive therapy, higher age, intraoperative risk and comorbidities (such as diabetes and nicotine abuse). Reported frequency of cardiovascular events after LT shows a high variability between different LT cohorts. Our aim was to analyze a cohort of LT recipients from a single center in Germany to evaluate frequency of the cardiovascular endpoints (CVE) myocardial infarction and/or cardiac death after LT and to investigate correlations of CVE post LT with pretransplant patient characteristics.


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