Published: 6 June 2019
Author(s): Romain Muller
Issue: June 2019
Section: Special article

JAK inhibitors are recent treatments. Many publications have appeared in recent years, exposing treatment efficiencies in phases 2 and 3 studies, or their tolerance profile in various rheumatological diseases. We propose here a systematic review of JAK inhibitors, from their mechanism of physiological action up to the estimation of their current risk benefit balance, and their possible future applications.In order to better synthesize the data, we organized this review into 10 essential points.1- What is the role of JAK/Stat pathway?2- How can a single signaling pathway regulate as many different signals?3- What are the commercialized JAK inhibitors and their validated indications in humans today?4- What is the level of efficiency of JAK inhibitors in inflammatory diseases?5- What is the delay of efficiency of JAK inhibitors?6- Where is the place of JAK inhibitors in the therapeutic strategy today?7- What is the infectious tolerance profile of JAK inhibitors?8- What is the non-infectious safety profile of JAK inhibitors?9- What is the cost of JAK inhibitors compared to other DMARDs?10- What future prospects for JAK inhibitors?


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