Published: 12 June 2020
Author(s): José Pablo Miramontes-González, Ricardo Usategui-Martín, Javier Martín-Vallejo, Michael Ziegler, Leopoldo López de Isla, Daniel O`Connor, Rogelio González-Sarmiento
Section: Original article

Cardiovascular diseases are responsible for around 17 million deaths per year, accounting for nearly one-third of the total deaths in the world. The secondary effects of hypertension account for 9.4 million deaths worldwide every year, and high blood pressure is responsible for 45% of deaths due to heart diseases and stroke [1]. In the last 28 years, the number of people diagnosed with hypertension increased from 600 million in 1980 to 1 billion in 2008, and it is estimated that in the year 2025 the prevalence of hypertension will increase by 60% compared to the year 2000, and nearly 1.56 billion subjects will have hypertension worldwide [2,3].


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