Published: 5 June 2020
Author(s): Suchith Shetty, Aaqib H Malik, Abbas Ali, Ying Chi Yang, Wilbert S Aronow, Alexandros Briasoulis
Section: Original article

Acute kidney injury (AKI) is frequently present in patients admitted for acute heart failure (AHF). Several studies have evaluated the mortality risk attributed to AKI in patients admitted for AHF [1–4]. These studies confirmed higher risk of death in admitted AHF patients with AKI, which is consistent with known poor prognosis in any patient with worsening renal function [5–7]. For the most part, the additional morbidity and mortality burden in AHF patients with AKI has been attributed to the concomitant comorbidities, and/or interventions such as coronary catheterization and other cardiac surgical procedures.


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