EFIM launched Choosing Wisely Project under the lead of Prof. Nicola Montano during the 1st meeting in Milan on 20 January.
The Choosing Wisely Working Group is led by Prof. Omar Kherad from the Swiss Society of Genera Internal Medicine.
The Past Chair of the Choosing Wisely Working Group, Prof. Anotnio Vaz Carneiro lead the WG for several years and organising different activities and projects.
The first aim behind the Choosing Wisely Project is to discuss study methodology and an implementation plan to test whether this kind of “appropriateness approach” might have relevant implications for patients’ outcome and health care costs. 15 participants from 13 EFIM member societies participated at the 1st Working Group meeting on the Choosing Wisely Project.

Participants took part in the lively discussion on Choosing Wisely campaign by sharing ideas, networking and discussing the latest development in the internal medicine.

Read here full report.

Primary Contact: 
Prof. Omar Kherad


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