EFIM is saddened because of the death of prof Ugo Carcassi. We reflect on his life with immense appreciation for his great contribution to European Internal Medicine. Ugo Carcassi was a very important person for the Association Européenne de Médicine Interne (AEMI) and our federation . He was The AEMI President who understood that change was inevitable and he invented (together with Jaime Merino) the Forum of Presidents to be merged with AEMI into EFIM in 1996. He promoted  the Forum of Presidents in order to ensure involvement of European national societies through their presidents to face together ethical, scientific, and professional issues. Ugo Carcassi is the founding Editor of the European Journal of Internal Medicine and he was awarded with the prestigious title of Honorary EFIM President . He wrote many scientific articles and was a world renowned expert in the field of the genetic heterogeneity of thalassaemia. He still gave lectures on this subject to The class of 2015 of the European School of Internal Medicine at the age of 93!

Ambitious up to the last years of his life and always in every meeting stimulating understanding among European practitioners.

EFIM will certainly miss him very much!


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