We would like to thank all the members who joined us at EFIM General Assembly in Amsterdam.
This year’s General Assembly was held on 1 September at the Beurse van Berlage in Amsterdam, in conjunction with the 15th European Congress of Internal Medicine, the first ever congress entirely organised by EFIM.

65 Board members, young Internists and members from 25 EFIM member countries were present at the EFIM General Assembly. The meeting started off with a warm welcome to the participants by the EFIM President, Dr. Frank Bosch. Following the meeting, Antonio Martins Baptista was unanimously re-elected to the position of EFIM Treasurer for a further 2 years. Dr. Baptista thanked the General Assembly members for the trust given.

Prof. Nicola Montano, the only candidate for the position of President- Elect, was unanimously elected and joined EFIM Executive Committee. Prof. Montano is a past director of ESIM Summer and a former member of the Executive Council of the Italian Society of Internal Medicine. Next, the EFIM President, Frank Bosch handed the presidency to Runolfur Palsson reflecting back in EFIM history by conveying a word of gratitude to all Past Presidents of EFIM, who devoted time and effort to shape and promote the organisation through the years. Runolfur Palsson, the new EFIM President, acknowledged the great contribution of Frank Bosch, to EFIM as well as stressing the need for further development and progress.

Frank, Runolfur and all the EFIM members congratulated Nica Cappellini for the dedication and support she has given to EFIM over the past 6 years as she left the her position of Past President. To read full report please follow EFIM GA Amsterdam page here


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