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ALCHIMIE Study has been published in Alcohol & Alcoholism Journal

We are proud to inform you that ALCHIMIE study has been officialy published in Alcohol & Alcoholism Journal, a prestigious journal in this field.
This project, was promoted by the European Federation of Internal Medicine,EFIM and the Foundation for Development of Internal Medicine in Europe, FDIME, with aim to investigate the prevalence of alcohol use disorders (AUDs) and other alcohol related diseases among inpatients in medical wards across Europe and to assess the recognition of AUDs by their attending physicians

EFIM would like to express their gratitude to all the authors, sponsors and a special thanks to Prof. Ramon Pujol, to Dr. Xavier Corbella and Bea Roson members of Bellvitge Hospital that have proceeded and made the ALCHIMIE Study published.
Please download here the publication.

26th European School of Internal Medicine,12 - 18 June 2016, Costa Rei - Muravera, Sardinia

The Italian society of Internal Medicine is delighted to be hosting the 26th ESIM in Costa Rei - Muravera, Sardinia from 12 – 18 June 2016 for the 3rd time.The Summer School of Internal Medicine will be organised for the last time at the Free Beach Club in Costa Rei - Muravera, under the lead of Prof. Nicola Montano.
To find more information on ESIM Summer and details how to register please follow the link here or visit ESIM Summer 2016 official website.


FDIME Announces Research Grants for the study of Rare Diseases

The Foundation for the Development of Internal Medicine in Europe (FDIME) is once again offering grants for Young Internists (<38 years) from EFIM member countries interested to develop research in the field of rare diseases in adults. Grants of 20,000 Euros are available for a study period of up to 1 year, commencing after August 2016. The Funding is intended to support living expenses of the Young Researcher while undertaking research outside their country of residence.

For further details: Click here to Download the Announcement

Application deadline: 3 June 2016.  e-mail: contact@fdime.org 



EFIM Extraordinary General Assembly and 2nd EFIM Day - Brussels - 11 March 2015

EFIM hereby calls for an Extraordinary General Assembly, to be convened on Friday, 11 March at EFIM Headquarters in Brussels. The Agenda of the Meeting is to consider and approve the modification of EFIM Statutes. Furthermore I would like to inform you that 2nd EFIM Day will be held in conjunction with EFIM General Assembly. The theme of the EFIM Day meeting is "Choosing Wisely on European Level". The idea behind the EFIM Day meeting is to strengthen the relationship with the national societies and involve the societies' Presidents in EFIM activities.

Please read more details on the EFIM Day page here.

Meeting of the European Curriculum of Internal Medicine - Brussels - 11 December

We thank all the participants who attended the European Internal Medicine Curriculum meeting on Friday, 11 December.
Nica Cappellini, EFIM Past President, chaired the meeting with the help of Runolfur Palsson, EFIM President-Elect who welcomed the participants and presented the curriculum and comments received from national societies as well as amendments that have already been made, with a special focus on dual certification and the duration of training and the common trunk.
Presidents and Board Members from 23 national societies attended the meeting. 
To read more please follow EFIM events page: http://www.efim.org/events/efim-day/european-curriculum-internal-medicine-meeting




EFIM Winter Newsletter


Our latest newsletter is now available with updates, photos and stories of what is going on at EFIM. This issue includes the post report from the 14th European congress of Internal Medicine which was held in Moscow and updates from Moscow General Assembly.

Read here the latest news from EFIM and share it with your colleagues!


EFIM Exchange Programme - Phase 1

EFIM Exchange programme initiated Phase 1 applications starting 1st October with a deadline 1st January 2016 in a renewed format.
All applications can be submitted online via EFIM website.
This program serves to strengthen the opportunities of the educational experience for Young internists taking part. 
EFIM Exchange programme is supported by Amgen Europe and FDIME sponsoring 20 scholarships of 600€.
To find more information on how to apply please follow the Exchange programme page.


EFIM General Assembly and Administrative Council - 14 October, Moscow

A warm thank-you to those of you who joined us during the EFIM General Assembly and Administrative Council meeting that took place at the Aquarium Hotel in Moscow. We would like to thank our hosts, the Russian Scientific Medical Society of Internal Medicine for their warm welcome and gracious hospitality throughout the Congress. 56 attendees from 29 EFIM member societies attended EFIM General Assembly and Administrative Council. Frank Bosch, EFIM President welcomed the participants to Moscow acknowledging and congratulating our hosts, expressing his contentment on the number of countries participating in the EFIM meeting and attending the European Congress in Moscow. The General Assembly started off with a short introduction of the representatives of the Administrative Council and was followed up by Frank Bosch with a brief presentation on EFIM current activities. To read full report please visit our Administrative Councils page here.

6th European School of Internal Medicine - 7 - 13 February 2016, Riga, Latvia

Mark your calendar!

The 6th winter school of Internal Medicine will take place at the Astor Riga Hotel in Riga, Latvia.The School will be open from 7 – 13 February 2016.
ESIM Winter School will continue to be a unique experience for the participants. In addition to lectures, there will be workshops, case presentations by the students, interactive sessions and of course some social activities. 

Please follow ESIM 2016 activities on the ESIM page.

EFIM Summer News 2015

We are pleased to announce EFIM latest newsletter issue.
Please download EFIM Summer newsletter and share the news among EFIM members!

Enjoy reading!

EFIM Administrative Council Meeting and General Assembly - 14 October

EFIM Administrative Council Meeting and General Assembly will take place on Wednesday 14 October at the Aquarium hotel which is adjacent to the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center in Moscow. The meeting will take place during the 14th European Congress of Internal Medicine hosted by the Russian Scientific Medical Society of Internal Medicine (RSMSIM).  
To find more details on how to register to EFIM Administrative Council and General Assembly, please visit EFIM Events page here.
We are looking forward to welcoming you to Moscow!

EFIM Day Brussels - 19 June

EFIM held its 1st EFIM Day meeting on 19 June, gathering 38 EFIM Presidents and Board Members from 20 members’ societies in Brussels. The participants took active part in the meeting programme which consisted of presentations that will shape the future of EFIM. Frank Bosch, the EFIM President, introduced EFIM 1st Annual Report and presented the highlights of the 2014 projects. We would like to encourage you to fill in our evaluation. Please click on the link and fill in the survey by 12 July at the https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/TTC7JFM 

 To read more and download the presentations from the meeting please follow the EFIM Day page .

European School of Internal Medicine  7 - 13 June 2015 
Costa Rei - Muravera Sardinia

Another excellent European Summer School of Internal Medicine has taken place in Costa Rei, Sardinia. It was yet another summer intensive course of internal medicine, combined with a strong facilitation for empowering young internists in their careers and enabling networking, pan-European experience exchange and debates that shape the future of our specialty.
To read more please go to the ESIM page here.
Detailed information can be found on http://www.esim2015summer.org/. 

EFIM Spring News 2015

We are pleased to announce EFIM latest news.
Please download EFIM Spring newsletter and share the news among EFIM members!

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Moving to High-Value Care: More Thoughtful Use of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Dr. Frank Bosch, EFIM President and Dr. David Fleming, ACP President, join together in discussion reminding physicians on the importance of discussing patient preferences for CPR.
Read full article published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, the official journal by the American College of Physicians.

EFIM Day - 19 June, Brussels 

On behalf of EFIM Executive committee we would like to invite the Presidents of EFIM National societies to a 1Day meeting in Brussels on Friday, 19 June at EFIM Headquartes.  The idea behind the meeting is to strengthen the relationship with the national societies and involve the societies' Presidents in EFIM activities.
Please read more details on the EFIM Day page.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Brussels!


Clinical Research Seminar, Paris: 6 – 8 July 2015

The 11th EFIM-FDIME Seminar on Clinical Research will be held in Paris from 6th to 8th July.
Sponsorship for this Seminar is provided by Amgen through the Foundation for the Development of Internal 
Medicine  in  Europe  (FDIME).  To find more information on the bursaries offered and to apply for the course, please visit the Clinical Research Page .

EFIM Administrative Council Meeting, Ayia Napa - Cyprus 13 March, 2015

EFIM Administrative Council meeting was held in Ayia Napa, Cyprus, where the AC members were welcomed with generous hospitality from the Cyprus Society of Internal Medicine.
Numerous items about the future of EFIM were discussed. EFIM President, Frank Bosch gave a presentation on the current status of EFIM Headquarters activities giving brief overview on the future EFIM EC structure as well as the new outlines on EFIM Fellowship programme. The EFIM Executive committee put new ideas forward which will change the Federation structure. Read more here.

EFIM Portrait for HQ Europe Magazine

Dr. Frank Bosch, EFIM President gave an interview portraying EFIM for the Headquarters Europe Magazine.
Founded in 2002 and published six times a year, HQ Europe has served as an essential resource for association executives accompanied by customised supplements on specific destination.
Read here the inteview with Dr. Frank Bosch.

ESIM - European School of Internal Medicine - Riga, Latvia, January 2015

The European Winter School of Internal Medicine took place in the capital of Latvia, Riga from 26 - 31 January.
Fourty-four internal medicine residents from 20 EFIM members countries participated in the winter school.
For more news on ESIM winter, please follow the update by the Young Internist Secretary, Frauke Weidanz: http://www.efim.org/young-internists

EFIM Autumn Newsletter 2014

Please download the latest issue of EFIM Autumn newsletter here!
Enjoy reading and sharing your news.

EFIM Administrative Council - Tartu, 26-27 September 2014

The EFIM Administrative Council meeting takes place in Tartu, Estonia in the grand University Senate Hall between 26th and 27th September. Professor Nica Cappellini, who is handing over the Presidency to Dr Frank Bosch, gave an overview of the successes and challenges of her presidency. An important move to the new EFIM offices, launch of the new Website, 2 highly successful Congresses and 4 excellent Schools were highlights over the past 2 years. Nica has been an energetic and caring President who has been an inspirational leader. She has given particular and constant support to the Young Internists and all members of the Administrative Council hope that Nica will remain involved in EFIM activities for many years to come. Pedro Conthe, Secretary General, presented a review of activities but focussed mainly on the Executive’s plans for future European Congresses. EFIM would like to congratulate Ramon Pujol for his dedication and support given to EFIM in the past 6 years, leaving EFIM Executive Committee as Past President.

With a unanimous vote, Professor Runólfur Pálsson was elected to the position of President Elect and he will join the Executive Council. Professor Pálsson is a past president of the Icelandic Society of Internal Medicine and core member of the European Board of Internal Medicine.

Faustino Ferreira has been the Treasurer for EFIM for 8 years and is handing over to the new Treasurer, Antonio Martins Baptiste. Faustino gave an overview of the EFIM expenses and current financial state of the organisation. Thanks to very good returns from the Spanish International Meeting and improvement in EJIM the EFIM account balance will support the future developments of the organisation.

Frank Bosch, the new EFIM President acknowledged the great contribution of Nica, also Faustino and Ramon, to EFIM. Frank outlined the business plan for the next 2 years and a model for raising the profile of EFIM. Frank reviewed the move to the new EFIM offices and the significant advantages that come with it including meeting rooms, access to support services including accounting and IT services. A thorough overview of the objectives of the website highlights the potential benefits of the site and the requirement for further investment of time and resource to reach its full potential. An update Newsletter will be available soon.


...and our brand new website.

EFIM was founded in 1996 to bring together the national societies of internal medicine across Europe.

The purpose of EFIM is to re-emphasise the importance of internal medicine in patient care in a world of increasing specialisation.

The purpose of the new website is as follows. To:

  • Develop the EFIM community, through:
    • Secure Forums
    • Working Groups
    • Raising the profile of Fellowship program
  • Improve access to EFIM activities
    • Conferences
    • Schools
  • Provide up-to-date E.U. news
  • Allow seamless access to EJIM
  • Present personalised user profile and user experience



Successful EFIM Administrative Council Meeting - 13 May 2014 Geneva

A warm thank-you to those of you who joined us at Villa Sarasin for a successful meeting of the EFIM Administrative Council. We would like to thank our hosts, the Swiss Society of Internal Medicine for their gracious hospitality throughout the Congress.

Further information and minutes of the meeting will be available soon. Please rememeber that you MUST register on the website in order to access the full functionality of the site.

Click here to watch an interview with Prof. Arnaud Perrier, ESCIM President.


EFIM AC at Work

ESIM Summer 16 - 20 June 2014, Sardinia, Italy

Mark your calendar!

European School of Internal Medicine will take place at Free Beach Club, Costa Rei - Muravera, Sardinia, Italy.
The School will be open 16 – 20 June 2014.
The ESIM Summer School 2013 will continue to be a unique experience for the participants. In addition to lectures,
there will be workshops, case presentations by the students, interactive sessions and of course some social activities.
Please follow ESIM 2014 activities on ESIM page .

ESIM Director Prof. Nicola Montano





EFIM Secretaries meeting



EFIM would like to thank the representatives of the national socities for their participation to the EFIM first secretaries meeting held in 
Brussels on 4 February.
The idea behind the meeting was to establish closer relationship with the National societies and raise the importance of
EFIM activities among national societies members. 
Meeting was very productive and brought lots of new ideas for better communication.
Presentations from the Secretaries meeting can be downloaded below:

History and activities of EFIM - Jan Willem Elte - EFIM Past Secretary General
Vision and mission of EFIM – Nica Cappellini - EFIM President
EFIM Flagships - Frank Bosch - EFIM President Elect
EFIM Practical information – Aneta Trajkovska - EFIM Secretariat
EFIM timeline to support the practical info presentation can be found here.
EFIM flyer can be downloaded here.

With Best Regards,
EFIM Secretariat