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Webinar 05/10/2022 - 09:39


Join us on 27 October for the EFIM Autumn Webinar organised by the Multimorbidity Working Group on the topic of: "ANTICOAGULATION IN ELDERLY FRAIL PATIENTS".
The Webinar will feature lectures by Prof. Francesco Dentali from the Department of Medicine and Surgery, Insubria Varese and Prof. Bruno Antonio Tuttolomondo from the Department of Health Promotionof the University of Palermo..
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News 21/06/2022 - 17:10

FDIME Announces Research Grants in 2022

The Foundation for the Development of Internal Medicine in Europe (FDIME) is offering Research Grants to Young Internists (up to age 38 yrs) to study in Research projects including all fields of General Internal Medicine, particularly polymorbidity and other common Internal Medicine conditions.
FDIME invites applications for Research Grant (up to 17,500 Euros) with an aim to promote research and to encourage exchanges within EFIM member countries. 

For more details please visit the FDIME Research Grants webpage at


Annual report 03/05/2022 - 14:45

EFIM Annual Report 2021

We are happy to share with you the most significant achievements in 2021 introducing you to the EFIM Annual Report.
Enjoy reading EFIM Annual Report 2021!



The European Journal of Internal Medicine (EJIM) is the official journal of the European Federation of Internal Medicine (EFIM), and is the leading journal for the European internist, covering all aspects of internal medicine.  EJCRIM is an online free access journal The Journal’s mission is to promote the best medical practice and innovation in the field of acute and general medicine.

European Journal of Internal Medicine
Case Reports in Internal Medicine



The European Congress of Internal Medicine, ECIM is held yearly and offers great opportunities for learning and sharing successful experiences in internal medicine as well as networking with peers. ECIM brings together leaders in education and research from the world of Internal Medicine and provide an invaluable opportunity to shape the future of Internal Medicine. 

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Educational activities

EFIM is committed to providing continuing education for internists through the schools, EFIM congresses, Journals, Exchange Programme, postgraduate  training  and  continuous  professional development that help to deliver high-quality education in Internal Medicine.

EFIM Exchange Programme
EU Curriculum in Internal Medicine

Relevant EFIM Publications

Physicians’ responsibility toward environmental degradation and climate change: A position paper of the European Federation of Internal Medicine

Author(s): LuísCampos;a, VascoBarreto;b StefanoBassetti;c MonicaBivol;d AmieBurbridge;e PietroCastellino;f João AraújoCorreia;g MineDurusu-Tanriöver;h CarmenFierbinteanu-Braticevici;i ThomasHanslik;j ZbigniewHeleniak;k RadovanHojs;l LeonidLazebnic;m MariaMylona;n MatthiasRaspe;o João Queirós eMelo;p FilomenaPietrantonio;q ReinoldGans;r …DrorDicker;v
Date:1 September 2022

Perspectives of European internists on multimorbidity. A multinational survey

Author(s): M Bernabeu-Wittela,*, M Holeckib, A Tuttolomondoc, J Chudekd, E Battegaye, Christianne Angermann1, Edouard Battegay, M ́aximo Bernabeu-Wittel, Catherine Bryant, Avishay Elis, Georg Ertl, Ricardo Gomez-Huelgas, Sabrina Grine, Michal Holecki, Annette Kürrle, Olivier Lidove, Ombretta Para, Burcin Saglam, Lelita Santos, Antonino Tuttolomondo, Jan Vaclavik, Barbara van Munster, Julija Voicehovska, on behalf of the EFIM Multimorbidity Working Group
Date:14 February 2022

Pulmonary embolism – An EFIM guideline critical appraisal and adaptation for practicing clinicians

Author(s): Cecilia Becattini Valentin A. Kokorin Wiktoria Lesniak Ignacio Marin-Leon Francisco J. Medrano Laura Morbidoni Alberto M. Marra Ewelina Biskup Antoni Riera-Mestre Dror Dicker
Date:13 December 2021

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What is EFIM?

The principal objectives of EFIM is to promote internal medicine on a scientific educational, ethical and professional level and to support internists in providing better care for patients throughout Europe.

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What is internal medicine?

The specialty of internal medicine covers a wide range of conditions affecting the internal organs of the body. Although some diseases specifically affect individual organs, the majority of common diseases. The internist must then be trained to recognise and manage a broad range of diseases and, with the aging population, many patients with chronic and multiple disorders.

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