European Journal of Internal Medicine

October 2018

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Massive cardiac and pulmonary thrombi after cardiac surgery

5 October 2018
Author(s): Anke Van Mellaert, Axel Derwa, Jan De Raet

A 32-year-old obese male with bicuspid aortic valve and severely dilated ascending aorta (59.5 mm) underwent hemi-arch aortic replacement and valvuloplasty on cardiopulmonary bypass. Due to... more

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Worsening alopecia in an elderly woman

4 October 2018
Author(s): Simonetta Piana, Caterina Longo, Riccardo Valli

A woman in her 70s presented with a worsening alopecia and multiple erythematous plaques involving the scalp, the frontal area and the eyebrows (Fig. 1A and B). Pruritus was a significant feature. A... more

Bilateral hand edema: simply nothing or nothing simple?

4 October 2018
Author(s): J. Poblet Florentín, J. Modesto Dos Santos, F. Javier Anniccherico

An 83-year-old Caucasian man presented to the author's hospital for study of hand swelling. The patient presented a bilateral hand dorsal pitting edema (Fig. 1) of one month of evolution with mild... more

An unusual cause of intracranial hemorrhage

4 October 2018
Author(s): Yusaku Kajihara

A 39-year-old woman with no significant medical history was admitted in the emergency room with loss of consciousness. Computed tomography revealed right-sided putamen hemorrhage (Fig. 1, Panel A).... more

Papulopustules and paronychia in a lung carcinoma

5 October 2018
Author(s): Vishal Thakur, Manju Daroach, Muthu Sendhil Kumaran

A 61 years old male was referred from pulmonary medicine department with 2- week history of acneiform lesions over face and upper back, with associated complaints of pain in proximal nail folds of... more

Letter to the Editor

Mortality and morbidity due to exposure to particulate matter related to drying Urmia Lake in the NW Iran

5 October 2018
Author(s): Amir Mohammadi, Maryam Faraji, Gea Oliveri Conti, Margherita Ferrante, Mohammad Miri

Combination of PM with heavy metals and different constituents related to Urmia Lake and PM from anthropogenic activities has been anticipated to exacerbate health impacts on 3,000,000 inhabitant in... more

Appropriateness of ordering serum angiotensin-converting enzyme during renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system inhibitor therapy

5 October 2018
Author(s): A. Betrains, P. Vermeersch, S. Vanderschueren

Sarcoidosis is a multisystem inflammatory disease of unknown etiology that manifests as non-caseating granulomas, predominantly in the lungs and intrathoracic lymph nodes, but possibly affecting any... more

Comparison between specific and nonspecific assay in the evaluation of the anticoagulant effect of the Direct Oral Anticoagulants: Our experience in a cardiovascular hospital

12 October 2018
Author(s): Marco Prinzivalli, Graziella Sammarco, Benedetta Rampoldi, Elena Costa, Massimiliano M. Corsi Romanelli

The new generation of antithrombotic agents, known as Direct Oral Anticoagulants (DOACs), act on a single factor within the coagulation cascade. Although the monitoring of therapy is not necessary... more

Epidemiology of Clostridium difficile infection in Portugal: Experience at a tertiary care hospital

18 October 2018
Author(s): Sara Sintra, Filipe Taveira, Catarina Canha, Armando Carvalho, Adélia Simão

Clostridium difficile is the main cause of healthcare-associated diarrhoea. Its incidence, severity and relapse rates increased over the past two decades.

Narrative Review

Venous carbon dioxide embolism during laparoscopic cholecystectomy a literature review

20 October 2018
Author(s): Kiki I.F. de Jong, Peter W. de Leeuw

Laparoscopy has become the procedure of choice for routine gallbladder removal. A serious complication of this technique is the occurrence of gas emboli due to insufflation. It is associated with a... more

Original Article

Association between heat stroke and ischemic heart disease: A national longitudinal cohort study in Taiwan

5 October 2018
Author(s): Min-Feng Tseng, Chu-Lin Chou, Chi-Hsiang Chung, Wu-Chien Chien, Ying-Kai Chen, Hsiu-Chien Yang, Pauling Chu

The purpose of this study is to determine the relationship between heat stroke and ischemic heart disease (IHD), in a nationwide population using a longitudinal approach. We retrospectively examined... more

Healthcare resource use in XALIA: A subgroup analysis of a non-interventional study of rivaroxaban versus standard anticoagulation for deep vein thrombosis

18 October 2018
Author(s): Lorenzo G. Mantovani, Sylvia Haas, Reinhold Kreutz, Kerstin Folkerts, Martin Gebel, Danja Monje, Jonas Schneider, Martin van Eickels, Kurtulus Sahin, Elizabeth Zell, Walter Ageno, Alexander G.G. Turpie

The non-interventional XALIA study compared the safety and effectiveness of rivaroxaban with standard anticoagulation for the treatment of venous thromboembolism in routine clinical practice. This... more