Friday, 30 March, 2012

RPF spoke about the bilateral meetings with the National Societies and the experience of learning. Short overview was given on the following meetings:

- EFIM Meeting with DGIM (German Society of Internal Medicine)
- EFIM Meeting with RCP (Royal Colleague of Physicians UK) the idea was

to discuss the role of Generalism.
- EFIM Meeting with the SFMI (French society of Internal Medicine). RPF

has been at the same time invited to attend the French society congress - Short on site meeting with ISIM (The Israeli Society of Internal Medicine)

This was unique learning experience about the situation and problems of Internal Medicine in Israel. RPF prepared letter of support and presented it to the President of the Israeli Society Dr. Dror Dicker.

Future meetings are planned with the Spanish and Portuguese Society of internal Medicine. The idea behind these meetings is running the project on generalism and linking different experiences. At the same time improving the relationship with other national societies. WB mentioned that EFIM main goal is to support if problems appears. 


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