The EFIM Exchange Programme is currently on hold to be re-launched in January 2023 with new Hospital Centres!

The European Exchange Programme is going from strength to strength and is becoming very popular and competitive among the Young Internists community. The feedback from the residents is excellent and the participating Centers and Tutors are also enjoying the experience. As you may know, the Exchange Programme of EFIM aims to provide opportunities for Young Internists to gain knowledge and skills. This is a chance to become more confident and self-reliant in your professional life and to better understand the realities of others European countries. Each National Society can select 3 candidates per year for the Programme. There are only 10 scholarships of 600€ offered to the participants, courtesy of EFIM and FDIME.

For applications the candidate must fill in online application and submit the requested documents below.

  1. Application form:
  2. Curriculum vitae
  3. Motivation letter for the Exchange
  4. Support letter from the National Society

The deadline for Phase I application is open now. We are expecting to receive your application by 1st of January 2020 for the first half of year. 3 application per national society will be accepted for up to 10 residents per year. A list of the participating Departments of Internal Medicine across Europe and an information brochure can be downloaded here
For more information contact Aneta Trajkovska at EFIM Secretariat on

The Exchange Programme is the new flagship of the European Federation of Internal Medicine... do not miss this great opportunity!



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