Due to increased number of Exchange programme applications, we kindly inform you that the 10 bursaries offerd by EFIM and FDIME are already in use for 2023 Exchange Programme !
We are happy to process any further applications for the EFIM Exchange Programme in 2023 with the support of your national societies but without EFIM bursary.
Thank you for your understanding!

After more than two years break we are happy to announce that EFIM Exchange Programme is open with a list of new hospital centres available across Europe.
The Exchange programme is offering one month observership among our European specialist training centers in Internal Medicine Units. The Exchange is open for Internal Medicine trainees in their third to fifth / sixth year.
EFIM in close collaboration with FDIME will offer 10 scholarship of 1000 EUR per year.

Candidate must fill in online application and submit the requested documents below:

  1. Application form: http://www.efim.org/efim-exchange-program-application-form
  2. Curriculum vitae
  3. Motivation letter for the Exchange
  4. Support letter from the National Society

EFIM Exchange brochure is available for a download here.

For more information contact  EFIM Secretariat at  info@efim.org.

The Exchange Programme is the new flagship of the European Federation of Internal Medicine... do not miss this great opportunity!



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