The Objectives of the Infectious Diseases in Internal Medicine Working Group are to promote the awareness on infectious diseases among European Internists and to promote common European strategies for prevention, diagnosis, and therapy of patients with infectious diseases.
The Chair of the Infectious Diseases in Internal Medicine Working Group is Prof. Emanuele  Durante Mangoni from the Italian Society of Internal Medicine, SIMI.

The representatives of the Infectious Diseases Working Group are:

  • Florian Thalhammer - Austrian Society of Internal Medicine 
  • Miriam Stegemann - German Society of Internal Medicine 
  • Michael Samarkos - Hellenic Society of Internal Medicine
  • Ayelet Raz - Israeli Society of Internal Medicine
  • Indra Zeltina - Latvian Society of Internal Medicine
  • Anna Zilde - Latvian Society of Internal Medicine
  • Fausto Roxo - Portuguese Society of Internal Medicine
  • Jose Manuel Ramos Rincon - Spanish Society of Internal Medicine
Primary Contact: 
Prof. Emanuele Durante Mangoni


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