The medical profession is facing increasing pressure to adapt its patient care to optimize the economic benefit for hospitals and practices.
This growing tendency makes it vital to resist these economic forces with principles based firmly on medical ethics and values in everyday practice. This Codex of physicians is intended to help physicians to reflect critically on the effects of such economic incentives on their personal field of work and to help guide medical decisions for the patients entrusted to their care. As responsible physicians we use available health  care resources  as  efficiently  as  possible.  However, patients’ welfare will always be the centre of our doing. In formulating this Codex, the German Society of Internal Medicine (DGIM) is fulfilling its professional, ethical, and social duties by outlining the principles for providing patient-oriented healthcare.
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EFIM national societies members have fully endorsed the Physicians' Codex published by the German Society of Internal Medicine - DGIM which was led by Prof. Petra Maria Schumm - Draeger, DGIM Past President and ECIM 2018 President.



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