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Validation of the simplified Animal Naming Test as primary screening tool for the diagnosis of covert hepatic encephalopathy

19 August 2018
Author(s): Christian Labenz, Larissa Beul, Gerrit Toenges, Jörn M. Schattenberg, Michael Nagel, Martin F. Sprinzl, Marc Nguyen-Tat, Tim Zimmermann, Yvonne Huber, Jens U. Marquardt, Peter R. Galle, Marcus-Alexander Wörns

Diagnosis of covert hepatic encephalopathy (CHE) is time consuming in clinical practice. Recently, a new diagnostic tool - the simplified Animal Naming Test (S-ANT1) - was presented with promising... more

Relationship between pneumonia and cardiovascular diseases: A retrospective cohort study of the general population

9 August 2018
Author(s): Jun-Jun Yeh, Cheng-Li Lin, Chia-Hung Kao

To evaluate the relationship between cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) and pneumonia in the general population.

Mortality after pulmonary embolism in patients with diabetes. Findings from the RIETE registry

9 August 2018
Author(s): Javier de Miguel-Díez, Ana López-de-Andrés, Isabel Jiménez-Trujillo, Valentín Hernández-Barrera, Rodrigo Jiménez-García, Alicia Lorenzo, José M. Pedrajas, Adriana Visonà, Patricia López-Miguel, Manuel Monreal, The RIETE Investigators

Among patients presenting with pulmonary embolism (PE), those with diabetes are at increased risk to die than those without diabetes. The reasons have not been identified. We used the RIETE (Registro... more

Association between ankylosing spondylitis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in Taiwan

8 August 2018
Author(s): Shih-Wei Lai, Cheng-Li Lin

One cross-sectional study conducted by Sharif et al. reported that patients with ankylosing spondylitis had a higher proportion of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease than controls (46% versus 18... more

Letter to the Editor

Torsemide versus furosemide in heart failure patients: A meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

31 August 2018
Author(s): Priyank Shah, Hiten Patel, Priyam Mithawala, Rajkumar Doshi

In 2012, total cost for heart failure (HF) was $30.7 billion and by 2030, it is projected to increase to $69.7 billion [1]. Hospitalizations for HF are a major reason for increased cost burden [2].... more

Prevalence of thrombocytopenia and thrombocytosis upon acute hospital admission to internal medicine units. A cross-sectional study in Denmark

31 August 2018
Author(s): Guillaume Moulis, Christian Fynbo Christiansen, Bianka Darvalics, Mette Nørgaard

Platelets are involved in primary hemostasis by initiating clot formation. However, they have pleiotropic effects [1]. Due to these multiple effects and the frequency of stress and inflammation in... more

Implications for screening in the hypothyroid presentation of autoimmune polyglandular syndrome

30 August 2018
Author(s): Oscar M.P. Jolobe

The “hypothyroid” presentation of the recently reported case of autoimmune polyglandular syndrome [1] generates unique insights into the potential role of screening for related autoimmune disorders... more

Transcatheter patent foramen ovale closure versus standard medical therapy for prevention of recurrent stroke: Updated Meta-analysis with an importance on shunt size

23 August 2018
Author(s): Krunalkumar Patel, Rajkumar Doshi, Hemant Goyal, Priyank Shah, Perwaiz Meraj

Presence of patent foramen ovale (PFO) has been associated with increased risk of cryptogenic stroke [1]. PFO is present in about 25% of the general adult population but is found in upto 40% of... more

Can semen protect human from ZIKV infection?

22 August 2018
Author(s): Weili Kong

Zika virus (ZIKV) has always been concerned by public health, especially among pregnant women. Because Zika virus was confirmed to transmit to human through sexual intercourse, which could cause... more

Utility of dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI to assess small bowel perfusion in paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria before and after eculizumab

17 August 2018
Author(s): Wilma Barcellini, Giulio Pezzetti, Bruno Fattizzo, Francesca Cavallaro, Francesco De Cobelli

Thrombosis is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH), accounting for 40–67% of deaths and is frequently observed in atypical sites, such as... more

Lymphocytic variant hypereosinophilia: a challenging diagnosis of a rare disease with pleomorphic clinical picture

9 August 2018
Author(s): Nicola Orofino, Veronica Mattiello, Giuseppina Luisa Schinco, Umberto Gianelli, Alessandra Iurlo

Hypereosinophilia, defined by a peripheral eosinophil count >1500/mmc or tissue eosinophilia, is associated with numerous clonal hematologic and non-hematologic disorders and reactive conditions [... more

Minor salivary gland biopsy is more effective than normal appearing skin biopsy for amyloid detection in systemic amyloidosis: A prospective monocentric study

1 August 2018
Author(s): Aude Lecadet, Claude Bachmeyer, David Buob, Alexandre Cez, Sophie Georgin-Lavialle

The term “amyloidosis” encompasses a large group of diseases characterized by extracellular deposition of fibrillar proteins impairing organ function. Classification of amyloidosis relies on the... more

Are journals following the ICMJE recommendations complying with conflicts of interest disclosure policies

1 August 2018
Author(s): Rafael Dal-Ré, Ana Marušić

The International Committee of Medical Journal Editors Recommendations (ICMJE-R) asks journals to develop policies regarding the disclosure of conflicts of interest (CoI) for authors, reviewers and... more

Anti-PD1 therapy-associated cutaneous leucocytoclastic vasculitis: A case series

1 August 2018
Author(s): Alessandro Tomelleri, Corrado Campochiaro, Giacomo De Luca, Giulio Cavalli, Lorenzo Dagna

Immune-checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) have shown remarkable efficacy in multiple cancer types [1]. However, these therapies may lead to immune-related adverse events (irAEs) as they promote immune... more

Original Article

Associations of proton pump inhibitors and hospitalization due to hyponatremia: A population–based case–control study

25 August 2018
Author(s): Henrik Falhammar, Jonatan D. Lindh, Jan Calissendorff, Jakob Skov, David Nathanson, Buster Mannheimer

Small observational studies and case reports have indicated that proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) may cause hyponatremia. Whether there is a difference between the individual PPIs is yet unknown. Since... more

Trends in management and outcome of patients with non-ST elevation acute coronary syndromes and peripheral arterial disease

25 August 2018
Author(s): Leonardo De Luca, Giuseppe Di Pasquale, Lucio Gonzini, Francesco Chiarella, Antonio Di Chiara, Alessandro Boccanelli, Gianni Casella, Zoran Olivari, Stefano De Servi, Michele Massimo Gulizia, Andrea Di Lenarda, Stefano Savonitto, Leonardo Bolognese

Patients with non ST-segment elevation acute coronary syndromes (NSTE-ACS) and peripheral arterial disease (PAD) present a worse prognosis compared to those without PAD. We sought to describe... more

Type 2 diabetes increases the risk of hospital admission for heart failure and reduces the risk of in hospital mortality in Spain (2001–2015)

22 August 2018
Author(s): Nuria Muñoz-Rivas, Rodrigo Jiménez-García, Manuel Méndez-Bailón, Valentín Hernández-Barrera, Javier de Miguel-Díez, Noel Lorenzo-Villalba, José M. de Miguel-Yanes, Ana López-de-Andrés

To compare trends in incidence, clinical characteristics and outcomes of heart failure (HF) hospitalizations among patients with or without type 2 diabetes (T2DM) in Spain (2001–2015).

Integrated primary and geriatric care for frail older adults in the community: Implementation of a complex intervention into real life

22 August 2018
Author(s): Marco Inzitari, Laura Mónica Pérez, M. Belén Enfedaque, Luís Soto, Francisco Díaz, Neus Gual, Elisabeth Martín, Francesc Orfila, Paola Mulero, Rafael Ruiz, Matteo Cesari

Frailty is highly prevalent in older persons and associated with negative health-related events and costs. Despite successful clinical trials, translation of evidence into implementation of dedicated... more

Mortality and morbidity for cardiopulmonary diseases attributed to PM2.5 exposure in the metropolis of Rome, Italy

16 August 2018
Author(s): Alessandra De Marco, Patrick Amoatey, Yusef Omidi Khaniabadi, Pierre Sicard, Philip K. Hopke

The aim of the study was to evaluate the health effects associated with the exposure to ground-level of particulate matters with aerodynamic diameter ≤ 2.5 μm (PM2.5) on citizens in Rome (Italy) in... more

National trends in diabetes mellitus hospitalization in Spain 1997–2010: Analysis of over 5.4 millions of admissions

9 August 2018
Author(s): Carmen M. Lara-Rojas, Luis M. Pérez-Belmonte, María D. López-Carmona, Ricardo Guijarro-Merino, María R. Bernal-López, Ricardo Gómez-Huelgas

To analyze national trends in the rates of hospitalizations (all-cause and by principal discharge diagnosis) in total diabetic population of Spain.

Hyponatraemia during an emergency medical admission as a marker of illness severity & case complexity

7 August 2018
Author(s): Kevin McCarthy, Richard Conway, Declan Byrne, Seán Cournane, Deirdre O'Riordan, Bernard Silke

Altered sodium balance at time of an emergency medical admission adversely impacts on outcome; whether hyponatraemia is independently associated with outcomes or a surrogate of acute illness severity... more

Review Article

The role of nutrition in ageing: A narrative review from the perspective of the European joint action on frailty – ADVANTAGE JA

3 August 2018
Author(s): Branko Gabrovec, Gregor Veninšek, Luz López Samaniego, Ana Maria Carriazo, Eleftheria Antoniadou, Marjetka Jelenc

There is sufficient evidence that nutrition and frailty status are related. In order to deliver quality management of frail and pre-frail patients, clinicians and dieticians should understand the... more


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