Published: 14 April 2020
Author(s): Inmaculada Roldán Rabadán, María Asunción Esteve-Pastor, Manuel Anguita Sánchez, Javier Muñiz, Martín Ruiz Ortiz, Francisco Marín, Vanessa Roldán, María Angustias Quesada, José Camacho Siles, Angel Cequier Fillat, Vicente Bertomeu Martinez, Manuel Martínez Sellés, Lina Badimón, FANTASIIA Study Investigators
Issue: August 2020
Section: Original article

Atrial fibrillation (AF) is the most frequently cardiac arrhythmia in developed countries [1] and several studies have been described that in both developed and developing countries, the age-adjusted incidence and prevalence of AF are lower in women [1]. The detection of AF is associated with an important morbidity and mortality rate, with an increase in admissions and health costs [1–6]. AF is a leading risk factor for stroke and related with one-third of all ischemic cerebrovascular events [3,7].


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