Published: 30 November 2017
Author(s): K. Alexandre, S. Ingen-Housz-Oro, M. Versini, L. Sailler, Y. Benhamou
Section: Letter to the Editor

During the last decades, the number of Pneumocystis jirovecii pneumonia (PJP) has grown in HIV-negative patients due to the increasing use of organ transplantation, immunosuppressive drugs and targeted therapies [1]. Guidelines about PJP prophylaxis in immunocompromised (IC) HIV-negative patients are scarce. CD4+ cell count is less helpful in IC patients than in HIV-positive, and B cells may help clearing Pneumocystis infection [2]. Rituximab is a chimeric monoclonal antibody that targets human cell-surface glycoprotein CD20 expressed on B cells.


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