Published: 4 July 2015
Author(s): Aitana Rodríguez Pérez, Eva Rocío Alfaro Lara, María Dolores Nieto Martín, Alberto Ruiz Cantero, Bernardo Santos Ramos
Section: Letter to the Editor

As featured in several publications, the term deprescribing has not yet been standardized [1], and different points of view have thus been used to define it. One of the first concepts came from Woodward [2], who described the principles on which deprescribing is based within the framework of safe medication use in 2003, from which time the term began to spread. In 2011, Le Couteur et al. [3], defined it as “the cessation of long-term therapy, supervised by a clinician”, while Scott et al. [4] described it as “discontinuing medications with questionable or no evidence of efficacy, unfavorable risk/benefit ratios, or those that the patient desires to avoid”.


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