Published: 7 January 2016
Author(s): A.I. Franco Moreno, M.J. García Navarro, J. Ortiz Sánchez, R.M. Martín Díaz, E. Madroñal Cerezo, C.L. de Ancos Aracil, N. Cabello Clotet, I. Perales Fraile, S. Gimeno García, C. Montero Hernández, A. Zapatero Gaviria, J.M. Ruiz Giardín
Issue: January 2016
Section: Original Article

In patients with unprovoked venous thromboembolism (VTE), the optimal duration of anticoagulation is anchored on estimating the risk of disease recurrence. We aimed to develop a simple risk assessment model that improves prediction of the recurrence risk.


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