Published: 31 December 2019
Author(s): Matthaios Papadimitriou-Olivgeris, Nikitas Gkikopoulos, Melissa Wüst, Aurelie Ballif, Valentin Simonin, Marie Maulini, Charly Nusbaumer, Luce Bertaiola Monnerat, Jonathan Tschopp, Eleftheria-Evdokia Kampouri, Patrick Wilson, Hervé Duplain
Issue: January 2020
Section: Original article

Influenza virus infections have been associated with increased morbidity and they play an important role in the excess mortality reported every winter season in the northern hemisphere; this deleterious effect is more pronounced among elderly population [1,2]. Annually, it was estimated that 291,000 to 645,000 influenza-related deaths occur worldwide [2]. Apart from mortality, influenza infections cause an important burden on healthcare systems worldwide with an important number of medical visits and hospitalizations.


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