Published: 18 April 2023
Author(s): Olga Martinez-Arroyo, Ana Ortega, Ana Flores-Chova, Belen Sanchez-Garcia, Ana B Garcia-Garcia, Felipe J Chaves, Juan C Martin-Escudero, Maria Jose Forner, Josep Redon, Raquel Cortes
Issue: July 2023
Section: Original article

Endothelial dysfunction is a forerunner in the development of atherosclerosis, cardiovascular (CV) and renal disease [1]. A marker of endothelial dysfunction is an increase in urinary albumin excretion (UAE), known as albuminuria [2,3]. This condition is frequent in diabetic (DM) patients and has also been used to stratify CV and renal risk in patients with hypertension (HTN) and/or chronic kidney disease (CKD) [4,5]. Despite UAE being generated in the kidney, its value as a CV risk marker has been demonstrated in post-hoc analysis of clinical trials and prospective studies [6–12].


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