Published: 6 June 2018
Author(s): J.J.H. Wachelder, L.S. van Galen, J. Kellett, C.H. Nickel, H.R. Haak, safer@home consortium
Issue: June 2018
Section: Letter to the Editor

Unplanned readmissions are often caused by patients with multiple comorbidities and functional impairment [1]. This subgroup partly consists out of patients presenting with nonspecific complaints. It is known that patients presenting with such complaints are a vulnerable population and characterized by their high comorbidity, polypharmacy and functional impairment [2]. These patients typically complain of “weakness and fatigue” and if they have a serious illness it is either not recognised or recognised too late, resulting in more adverse events and poorer outcomes when compared to patients with specific complaints such as “chest pain” [2–6].


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