Published: 17 June 2019
Author(s): Patricia Pérez-Matute, María Íñiguez, María J. Villanueva-Millán, Emma Recio-Fernández, Aitana Morano Vázquez, Sheila Castro Sánchez, Luís E. Morano, José A. Oteo
Issue: June 2019
Section: Original Article

Liver damage is associated with gut dysbiosis. New direct-acting antiviral agents (DAAs) are able to eradicate hepatitis C virus (HCV) from the body. However, the short and medium-term effects of DAAs at gut level before advanced liver damage occurs have not been evaluated yet. Thus, we investigated the impact of HCV and DAAs on gut microbiota composition (GM) and systemic inflammation. To achieve this objective, twenty-three non HCV-infected controls and 22 HCV-infected patients were recruited.


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