Published: 14 May 2020
Author(s): Rupak Desai, Samarthkumar Thakkar, Harsh P Patel, Bryan E-Xin Tan, Nanush Damarlapally, Fariah Asha Haque, Nazia Farheen, Natalie DeWitt, Sejal Savani, Fahria Jessy Parisha, Rajkumar Doshi, Zeeshan Mansuri, Kishorbhai Gangani
Section: Original article

The high prevalence of substance abuse especially cannabis among adolescents is one of the major health care challenges of the 21st century. The permissive nature of laws regarding cannabis use has doubled the usage and prevalence of marijuana use disorders in the last decade [1]. There are studies independently showing the significant correlation between cannabis abuse and mood disorders as well as increased cardiovascular events. Several studies support the association between cannabis abuse and mood disorders, particularly depression [2–6].


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