Published: 28 October 2016
Author(s): Saeid Safiri, Mohadeseh Sani, Erfan Ayubi
Issue: October 2016
Section: Letter to the Editor

We read with great interest the currently published manuscript written by Zhang N et al. [1] entitled “A Body Shape Index and Body Roundness Index: Two new body indices for detecting association between obesity and hyperuricemia in rural area of China”. The authors aimed to evaluate the association between anthropometric indices and hyperuricemia in rural China. They point out in their results that Body Roundness Index (BRI) had better predictive performance than body mass index (BMI) while had a comparable predictive power for hyperuricemia as Waist-to-height ratio (WHtR) and Waist circumference (WC) in the female group, but not in the male group.


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