We are delighted to have welcomed so many participants from the EFIM National Societies during the 7th EFIM Day held virtually on 9 December.

We have received 78 registrations representing 29 EFIM National societies, which means that almost all the member societies were present at the EFIM Day.
Thank you for your participation in the very active EFIM Day meeting.

In case you missed the virtual meeting please click on the video link to see the recording:
All the presentations for which we have consent to circulate will be available for a download below.
Dr. Dror Dicker, EFIM President and EFIM Executive Committee were pleased to welcome and address all the Presidents and the Society Representatives. Dr. Dicker presented all the activities and achievements following the ECIM 2022 congress in Malaga and thanked all the representatives for their active contribution. Dr. Dicker together with Prof. George Dalekos the Presidents of ECIM 2023 and the 12th ICIM invited the participants to the upcoming congress in Athens and asked the support of the Presidents to circulate the communication among the societies’ members and colleagues.
The highlight of the meeting was the presentation and the discussion for the launch of the European Exam of Internal medicine which was fully supported by the national societies present at the 7th EFIM Day.
We had the pleasure to welcome Prof. Maeve Durkan, the Vice-President of CESMA and Prof. Vassilios Papalois, the President UEMS discussing the need of European Exams and the achievements of other medical societies. Prof. Rijk Gans together with Dr. Marc Cranston presented the proposal for the European Exam of Internal Medicine which was followed by a lively discussion.
Prof. Agnelli, EJIM Editor-in-Chief was invited to address the Presidents and update on the progress of the EJIM while Dr. John Kellett gave an update on the current progress of the case report journal, EJCRIM.

Prof. Mine Durusu reflected back on the progress of the EFIM Academy following the launch during the ECIM 2022 in Malaga inviting EFIM National Societies to take more active participation in the development of the Academy content.

Dr. Jan Bergman, from the Swedish Society of Internal Medicine gave progress update on the preparations of the next Winter School in Sweden thanking all national societies for sending residents to the school which has been fully booked.
We would like to congratulate the Swedish society on the smooth progress as they have received so far requests for 50 residents to attend the Winter School.

Dr. Dicker invited all the participants to the upcoming ECIM 2023 congress in Athens, for another memorable congress.






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