Monday, 2 July, 2012 - 09:00 to Wednesday, 4 July, 2012 - 18:15

The FDIME / EFIM Seminar on Clinical Research was held in Paris from 2 - 4 July 2012. 14 young Internists from 9 EFIM affiliated countries participated at the seminar.

The programme included talks by international experts on the following topics:

Partnership University-Pharma Industry: a way to energize career development in Science.
Partnership University-Pharma industry: a way to energize scientific research.
Clinical trials that changed the world.
The partnership university-pharma industry
Methodology in clinical research.
Clinical epidemiology through personal experience.
Clinical research on rare diseases.
Development of a new molecule.
How to build a protocol.
How to Analyse a Clinical Paper.
Development and application of molecular treatments for genetic diseases and cancer.



2 July 2012 - 9:00 to 4 July 2012 - 18:15


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