11 March 2016 - Brussels

Friday, 11 March, 2016 - 10:30 to 17:30

The 2nd EFIM Day was held on 11 March 2016 at the EFIM Headquarters in Brussels gathering 55 participants from 23 EFIM member societies all over Europe. Presidents, Board Members and Young Internists gathered to take part in the lively discussion on Choosing Wisely campaign by sharing ideas, networking and discussing the latest development in the internal medicine.

EFIM Day was opened by Dr. Frank Bosch, EFIM President who welcomed all the members to EFIM Headquarters in Brussels. Frank presented EFIM Annual report 2015, reflecting on the results from the membership collection in 2015 and the evolution on the different activities and projects carried out by EFIM office.
EFIM is proud to welcome new member on board, The Northern Greece Society of Internal Medicine who will improve the communication with the Greek members and bring many internists on board.
Mark Kramer, ECIM 2016 Chair gave an update on the progress of Amsterdam congress and discussed the scientific pogramme with the participants. Runolfur Palsson, EFIM President-Elect, presented the European Board of Internal Medicine Curriculum Project informing the participants that final version of the Training Requirements of Internal Medicine has been sent to the UEMS Council meeting taking place in Brussels, April 2016.

Prof Nicola Montano from the Italian Society of Internal Medicine gave the audience a unique insight on the Choosing Wisely Campaign from different perspectives taking examples from ABIM, SSGIM, FADOI and SIMI. Nicola presented Choosing Wisely in Internal Medicine: European Campaign 5-steps-to do.

Furthermore Dr. Terje Peetso, Policy officer from the Health and Wellbeing DG Communications Networks Content and Technology from the European Commission provided the Keynote lecture, on how digitisation in healthcare can help you and your patients from the EU perspective. Dr. Peetso presented eHealth Action Plan and other activities that the Commission is currently undertaking to improve the digitization in the healthcare.

The meeting concluded with a networking cocktail organized in the auditorium foyer where participants could discuss further and share their ideas.
Frank announced the following General Assembly to be held in Amsterdam during the EFIM congress and invited all participants to Amsterdam.

Presentations a from the 2nd EFIM Day meeting can be downloaded below.

Grensstraat 7
1831 Diegem


11 March 2016 - 10:30 to 17:30
EFIM Headquarters


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