One of the greatest achievements in 2018 inspired by EFIM Young Internists was launching of the 1st European Advanced School of Internal Medicine (EASIM) in Riga, Latvia, directed by Dr. Ieva Ruža, on 24-26 November 2018. It was a small-scale international course by EFIM tailored to fill the gap in Internal Medicine postgraduate training for Early in Career internists in Europe. The EASIM design was based on the well-proven format of ESIM course for residents.

Besides providing participants with clinical updates following "learn and teach" concept and discussing clinical cases, the School included workshops, to develop non-technical skills such as communication, conflict management, giving feedback, leadership skills. Everyone participated in Balint groups. In spite of a very packed educational program, the group also took a short walking tour around the Old Riga, and kept on friendly networking during breaks.

We are sincerely grateful to EFIM for all the support, but, particularly, to EASIM participants who were the ones who made it happen! Undoubtedly, the special thanks go to course faculty from EFIM - Dr. Ieva Ruža (Latvia, Director), Dr. Frauke Weidanz (UK, Co-Director), Prof. Rijk Gans (The Netherlands), Dr. Valentin Kokorin (Russia), Dr. Mikko Parry (Finland), as well as our guest faculty - Prof. Uģis Gruntmanis (USA) and Dr. Roberts Klotiņš (UK).

The application has been opened for the 2nd EASIM on 23-25 November 2019 in Riga, Latvia - more in


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