As we head towards the European Parliament elections in 2019, healthcare systems and citizens across Europe are facing unprecedented challenges driven by an ageing population, and increased prevalence of chronic diseases.
Research shows that 550,000 people of working age die from Non-Communicable Diseases in the EU every year. Aside from the significant impact on individual patients, their families and carers, this causes a largely avoidable loss to the EU economy of €115 billion per year, corresponding to 0.8% of GDP[1].
At the same time, 70% of EU citizens would like the European Union to intervene more on health[2]. [1] Health at a Glance: Europe 2016, OECD[2] Eurobarometer of the European Parliament (87.1).
Ensuring that all European citizens can live healthier lives must be a priority for the next legislative mandate. In order to discuss how Europe could lead the way in combatting these challenges and championing positive developments, 28 organisations among which EFIM from within and across the health community have come together to organise a multi-stakeholder EU Health Summit.
Please read the full press release from the European Health Summit that took place in Brussels on 29 November.


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