Young Internists group in Slovakia

There is no YI group in Slovakia.


Training in Internal Medicine in Slovakia

After approval of your pregraduate education by the Ministry of education, some health care organisation (e.g. hospital, out-patient department), where you work, has to ask an educational university for the inclusion into education in internal medicine. The only restriction is the need of your employer (especially the case of hospitals) for the specialisation. Every subdiscipline has their own requirements and length of education, but usually it lasts 5 years (2 years common internal trunk, then 3 years of subdiscipline).


Moving to Slovakia to train or work in Internal Medicine

It depends on your country and type of the education. Your pregraduate education has to be approved by the Ministry of education, completed postgraduate training and specialisation has to be approved by the Ministry of Health.

Responsible legal authorities are the Ministry of education (for pregraduate education), Ministry of health (for postgragraduate education and specialisation). To get an official licence it is required registration in Slovak Medical Chamber. If it is needed, usually it is, language certificate. During your practice you have to certify your continuous medical education (after every 5th years).

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This page has been prepared by Ľubomír Tomáš, Young Internists assembly representative for Slovakia, December 2015.


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