Young Internists group in Switzerland

Since 2013:

This group is a meeting point for Swiss Young Internists (SYI). No matter whether it is one of the disciplines or subdisciplines of Internal Medicine or General Internal Medicine that the members represent - we join to create a strong network of doctors who share the passion for internal medicine.

SYI is a part and is closely cooperating with the Swiss Society of General Internal Medicine. 

Also, SYI are one of the national societies who create a network of the internationally active EFIM (European Federation of Internal Medicine) Young Internists. EFIM YI is a group of young internal medicine doctors who join further young internists from all Europe to revitalize the internal medicine in Europe, define and improve the professional standards of our specialty and influence the administrative processes, as well as enforce paneuropean exchange, research and education.

The official representatives of each member country are joined in the Young Internists Assembly - a working group of EFIM (European Federation of Internal Medicine). As of October 2013 Switzerland is being represented in the Assembly and thus in EFIM.


Training in Internal Medicine in Switzerland


Moving to Switzerland to train or work in Internal Medicine

No problem, if your postgraduate training has been recognized in Switzerland.


This page has been prepared by Ewelina Biskup, Young Internists assembly representative for Switzerland, EFIM YI subcommittee member and treasurer, December 2015.


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