Published: 2 January 2021
Author(s): Francesco Casella, Marco Barchiesi, Federica Leidi, Giulia Russo, Giovanni Casazza, Giulia Valerio, Daniela Torzillo, Elisa Ceriani, Marta Del Medico, Anna Maria Brambilla, Maria Alessandra Mazziotti, Chiara Cogliati
Issue: April 2021
Section: Original article

From February to March 2020, Italy became the most affected country worldwide by coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Our healthcare system was put under enormous pressure, especially in Lombardia which accounts for almost half of the deaths of the entire country [1]. In this setting, early identification of suspected cases, assessment of disease severity and monitoring patients affected by COVID-19 pneumonia became crucial. Lung computed tomography (CT) is considered the gold standard to detect pulmonary lesions in patients with COVID-19 pneumonia: patients typically show bilateral, multilobar ground-glass opacities, with a prevalent peripheral distribution, which can progress to crazy paving and consolidations [2,3].


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