Published: 5 September 2020
Author(s): Maria Consiglia Bellino, Francesco Massari, Miriam Albanese, Raffaella Ursi, Gianmarco Angelini, Francesco Lisi, Luca Amato, Pietro Scicchitano, Pietro Guida, Natale Daniele Brunetti, Francesca Di Serio, Marco Matteo Ciccone, Massimo Iacoviello
Section: Original article

Abnormalities in serum electrolyte levels often complicate heart failure (HF) disease in acute (ADHF) and chronic (CHF) settings. Serum sodium has long been considered the most important electrolyte prognostic marker [1]. However, growing evidences suggest a stronger role of serum chloride levels in predicting the all-cause mortality in HF [2–11].


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