Published: 2 December 2022
Author(s): Redhwan M. Mareai, Abdul-Quddus Mohammed, Hengbin Zhang, Lu Liu, Wen Zhang, Ayman A. Mohammed, Guoqing Yin, Xian Lv, Yawei Xu, Fuad A. Abdu, Wenliang Che
Section: Original article

Ischemic heart disease, especially myocardial infarction (MI), is an expanding threat to public health and a leading cause of premature disability and mortality [1,2]. A significant number of patients with a clinical presentation consistent with MI reveal non-obstructive coronary artery stenosis. This enigma has puzzled clinicians globally, and the term myocardial infarction with the non-obstructive coronary artery (MINOCA) was reserved for this intriguing group of patients [3,4]. Initially, MINOCA was considered a benign condition with a favorable prognosis; however, now it is widely acknowledged that MINOCA is associated with worse cardiovascular events, similar to obstructive MI patients [5–7].


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