Published: 10 May 2021
Author(s): Alfonso Ciccone, Bruno Zanotti, The working group on cerebral venous thrombosis after COVID-19 vaccination
Issue: July 2021

In March 2021, the reporting of cases of thrombosis post-COVID-19 vaccine AstraZeneca raised safety concerns and determined the temporary suspension of vaccinations in some countries in Europe [1]. On the 18th of March, EMA published its preliminary review of cases concluding that “the benefit of the vaccine in combating the still widespread threat of COVID-19 (which itself results in clotting problems and may be fatal) continue to outweigh the risk of side effects” [2]. On the same day, a one-week campaign was launched in Italy through the secretariat of the Hospital Neurosciences Society (SNO) to gather all cases of cerebral venous thrombosis within one month of anti-COVID-19 vaccine administration.


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